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Is an Atheist Movement Coming?

Over the past decade or so, the New Atheists, including the prolific “Four Horsemen”,  have made their non-belief, and their relentless assault on silly religious beliefs, a very public (and very loud) affair. High School students, and others, have subject themselves to harassment and vitriol in order to stand up for the Separation of Church and State. A little over a week ago, ~20,000 atheists gathered for the largest rally of nonbelievers in history. To many, it seems that there is an atheist movement, possibly similar in scope to the Gay Rights Movement or Civil Rights Movements, is on the horizon.

But is it really? Sadly, I’m not very optimistic.

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Who’s Got the Ego?

One of the comments I’ve gotten, both in person and on the internet, is that atheism (and it’s moral equivalent: Secular Humanism) is an inherently egotistical position. I went here, to some sort of Christian Publication, looking for the basis of that belief — only to find the complete lack of an argument (just a series of claims that atheists are arrogant and angry without any real backing and hold Christianity up as the humble opposite). From what I can gather, here is the basic argument for atheists being arrogant:

  1. Christians (and other theists) believe that their achievements and positive qualities come from Jesus and God (or their theological equivalent for other faiths).
  2. Believing that their achievements and positive qualities come from a higher power makes Christians (or other theists) humble.
  3. Atheists believe that their achievements and positive qualities come from their own hard work and introspection.
  4. Not believing that their achievements come from a higher power makes atheists not humble.
  5. The opposite of humility is arrogance.
  6. Therefore, atheists are arrogant.

There are, of course, other arguments as to whether or not atheists are arrogant (including the one that we are audacious enough to say that the majority of the world is wrong, which is absolutely laughable–Who would speak out about something if they didn’t think they were right and others are wrong?), but this is the one that I’ll focus on because it so clearly exposes the arrogance of the belief in a personal god. Continue reading

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The Question of Agnosticism

I consider myself an atheist; that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone here, considering how the word “Godless” is in the name of my blog. However, there is another group out there that, despite the fact that they mostly believe the same things as I do, who believe that I am not only unreasonable–they believe that I am just as much of a fundamentalist as the religious types I tend to criticize. These people call themselves agnostics, and they’re making a meaningless distinction.

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Why Atheism is not a Religion

A few days ago, this post graced the pages of the Reason Foundation’s “Hit-and-Run” blog. In short, it is completely ridiculous. In it, Kennedy (I think her first name is Lisa, but I don’t remember) complains that the internets were mean to her after she smugly claimed that atheism was a religion on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Then, with the same smug shrillness that I find in her television appearances, she lays out why she believes that Atheism is a religion. She touches on neuroscience, how the concept of “God” is necessary for atheism’s existence, and how atheists attack theists with “religious fervor.”

Though the post is a few days old (practically ancient history by internet standards), I figured that a refutation of the inane idea that atheism is a religion would be a good first post for this blog.

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